Nyheter 2014 


Jr.Club-champion. CH-Candidate. Labellaci Unique Sensation
(SE NO UCH Labellaci Made To Be Perfect & Labellaci Ophelia)

  Show in Letohallen 2/11-14. Judge: Leif Herman Wilberg Jr.Club-Ch Labellaci Unique Sensation "Dennis" Excellent 1, CC, CAC, Best Male and BOB.

 He is only 19 months old and has been 4 Jr-BOB. 6 CAC. 1 BOS and 4 BOB



Ägare: Purple Sensation 

Norwegian papillon and phaleneklubb. 23/8 -2014 

 Jr-class. Labellaci Unique Sensation. Excellent 1, CC,

Res-CAC and Junior-BOB and he got his second Club-CAC

 Labellaci Unique Sensation


 Ägare: Purple Sensation 


  Int Utställning i Ransäter 27.7.2014

Labellaci Xtra Hot And Spicy *Bonus* 
Excellent 1 unghundsklass med CK
4 Bästa Hane, R-Cert
Domare: Torbjörn Skaar 
Handler: Pernilla Cassel Igelström




 Show in Norway .27/7-14

Judge: John Muldoon
Labellaci Unique Sensation "Dennis". Excellent 1, CC, CAC and 2 Best Male


Ägare: Purple Sensation  


   Nazionale S.Marino 26/07/2014

Labellaci Unque Dream.
judge Liliane Stojkovic (MAK)




  SKK 2014-07-19 Int  Köping

Domare Pirjo Aaltonen Finland

Labellaci Unique Sensation 3:e bästa hanhund



 A great day for our Swedish Junior Male on Breed-special for Papillon & Phalene Club Norway today. 59 papillon entered
Labellaci Unique Sensation "Dennis" got first place in its class with CK with Res-CAC as he was 4 Best male and BOS Junior

Thank you to judge Marie Callert. (S)


Ägare: Purple Sensation Norge


  Dogshow in Borås (last day 94 papillon) 29.6.2014

*Labellaci Xtra Hot And Spicy*
Excellent *1, CC, CAC 
Ended up as Best Male 3
Judge: Åsa Andersson 
Handler: Pernilla Igelström 




 SDHK dogshow in Borås 28.6.2014

Labellaci Xtra Hot And Spicy
Excellent *1, CC, CAC 


Handler: Pernilla Igelström


 Show in Norway, Hadeland Glassverk. 22/6-14 

Labellaci Unique Sensation "Dennis".
Excellent -1. CC CAC. Junior-BOB. 
and ended up as Best Of Breed 
Judge: Adam Ostrowski
Handler: Pernilla Cassel Igelström 
Owner: Rune Bernhus and Marianne Kristiansen Norway




Hurra för Pernilla och Dennis 
Show at Hadeland, Norge. Labellaci Unique Sensation. Excellent 1. CK . Junior BOB. Handler Pernilla Igelström





  Labellaci Unique Sensation . 15 mondts old.
(SE NO UCH Labellaci Made To Be Perfect & Labellaci Ophelia)

Mostwinning puppymale nr: 3 and papillonpuppy nr: 4 in 2013
3 Junior-BOB 
3 BOB .



Utställnings resultat från Norge:

Labellaci Unique Sensation 1a med CK (Junior klass) JUNIOR BIR,
BÄSTA HANE med CERT och blev BIR





Today "San Marino JuniorChampion" LABELLACI UNIQUE DREAM
Owner: Claudio Lucia Parra /Italy
INTERNAZIONALE S.MARINO 24/05/2014. Unique Dream Labellaci. Classe Junior.
1 ECC. BOBJ . 2 Qualifica Cruft. JUNIOR CH S.Marino.



Idag flyttade Labellaci Glittring Star "Thindra" till sitt nya hem!




Utställnings resultat ifrån Drammen, Norge
Domare: Paul Scanlon 

Labellaci Unique Sensation - Exellent 1 - BOB - CAC


Ägare: Rune Bernhus & Marianne Kristiansen, kennel Purple Sensation